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Welcome to my website

PB Lowres-19This site is dedicated to my musical life.  You'll find mp3s, videos and photos of my projects; news on upcoming concerts and albums; plus information about my teaching and workshops.

As well as teaching in the performance course at Monash University, 2017 sees me join the team at Northcote High, leading the Symphonic Band and Intermediate Stage Band, as well as teaching some great young drummers and percussionists.

Last year saw the premiere of some incredible new shows from Panorama Brasil: the new Candomble-inspired suite Chant/Call: Songs of the Gods, as well as shows featuring the music of Milton Nascimento and Djavan.  To start 2017 we toured NSW, ACT, Vic and Tas with Brazilian chanteuse Alda Rezende, performing Os Afro Sambas.  In 2017 we'll also be joining Vince Jones and Doug de Vries for a Jobim tribute as part of the Melbourne International Jazz Festival.  

Meanwhile Asha Henfry is working hard leading her great choro/samba group, Tamandua (stay tuned for news on our upcoming recording).  We're taking a break for the second half of 2017 while Asha studies in Brazil and travels through the Americas.  

There will of course be the great galvanisers of Melbourne choro - Trio Agogo. and guest appearances with lots of wonderful musicians.  And 2017 also sees me join Bolivian pianist Danilo Rojas for explorations in the music of his homeland.

For details on all of these events, check my GIG listings.  You can also find information about all of these groups, including mp3s and videos on this site.  And you can visit us on facebook, see the latest videos on the new Panorama Brasil youtube channel, check out my instagram or catch Panorama Brasil on twitter (panorama_brasil).  I'm now on pinterest too, where I share a lot of great videos, photos and articles related to music and culture.

Upcoming Gigs
Dec 15 - Panorama Brasil at the Paris Cat
Oct 26 - Danilo Rojas at the Paris Cat
Trio Agogo at the Brunswick Green

Upcoming Gigs

Please click through the tabs for information on our upcoming gigs.

Dec 15 - Panorama Brasil at the Paris Cat

Friday Dec 15, 7pm

Panorama Brasil at the Paris Cat Jazz Club

featuring Dany Maia and Sam Keevers

Panorama Brasil return to the Paris Cat with special guest singer Dany Maia, and legendary pianist Sam Keevers.  Dany is from Salvador da Bahia - the centre of Afro-Brazilian music and culture - and she'll be singing some incredible songs from her homeland.  Music from Baden Powell, Cartola, Jobim and more.  Doors open 6:30pm  Bookings strongly recommended.

Dany Maia 1

Oct 26 - Danilo Rojas at the Paris Cat

Thursday Oct 26, 8:30pm

Cueca - Danilo Rojas (Bolivia/Aus), at the Paris Cat

From Cueca to Jazz Improvisation

Bolivian pianist brings his quintet to the Paris Cat for a night of Bolivian jazz.  Incredible music inspired by the rhythms of Bolivia, played by a great band.  With Rob Vincs (sax), Memo Beltzer (bass), Sal Persico (percussion), Al Kerr (drums) and Danilo Rojas (piano).  Doors open 8pm.  Bookings recommended.  For a little taste, check out  this video.




Trio Agogo at the Brunswick Green

Trio Agogo at the Brunswick Green

Second Sunday of each month 4-6pm in the garden

Trio Agogo, the great galvanisers of the Melbourne choro scene return for the summer season of music at the Brunswick Green.  With a steady stream of special guests and choro hits.  303 Sydney Rd, Brunswick.