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Upcoming Gigs
Dec 16 - Panorama Brasil at Paris Cat
Feb 4 - Panorama Brasil at MRC
Dec 17 - Trio Agogo at Paris Cat

Upcoming Gigs

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Dec 16 - Panorama Brasil at Paris Cat

Friday December 16, 8:30pm - Panorama Brasil

at Paris Cat Jazz Club, featuring Jacqueline Gawler

Panorama Brasil are back at the Paris Cat with a new show, featuring two of Brazil's greatest songwriters - Tom Jobim and Djavan. Vocalist Jacqueline Gawler joins the group for a tour through the musical legacy of these two musical giants.

Jobim is well known as the genius behind bossa nova's greatest songs, but his work goes fare beyond that genre.  Djavan as carved out his own place in Brazilian music, with this year being the 40th anniversary of his breakthrough album - A Voz, o Violao e a Arte de Djavan.

Last year, Panorama Brasil presented a sold-out season of "Jobim" at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival, performing with Vince Jones, Doug de Vries and Alda Rezende. They also featured at the 2013 Melbourne International Jazz Festival, premiering Kerr's suite The Archer & the Dancer, which became their debut album, and performed at the 2014 Stonnington Jazz Festival. In 2015 they released their second album, Flor de Pedra, which features Jacqueline Gawler, Doug de Vries and Diana Clark.

Bookings strongly recommended - these shows regularly sell-out

Feb 4 - Panorama Brasil at MRC

Saturday February 4, 7pm

Panorama Brasil and the Melbourne Recital Centre present:

Os Afro Sambas (Baden Powell)

featuring Alda Rezende (Brazil)


Baden Powell was one of the most important Brazilian musicians of the 20th century.  A virtuosic guitarist and genius composer, he combined classical techniques with popular harmony and swing, performing in many different styles, including bossa nova, samba, Brazilian jazz, Latin jazz and música popular brasileira. His album Os Afro-sambas is a masterpiece of post-Bossa Nova Brazil. Written with poet/lyricist Vinícius de Moraes, these compositions represent the breadth and beauty of Afro-Brazilian music — music central to the Brazilian identity.

Melbourne band Panorama Brasil draws on the diverse musical landscape of Brazil: music with influences from the arid interior, the Amazonian basin, and the streets of Rio and Salvador. Lead by drummer/composer Alastair Kerr, a long-time student of Brazilian music, and recognised as one of Australia’s best exponents of Brazilian percussion, Panorama Brasil explores the Afro roots that inspired Powell bringing the Afro-Brazilian drumming to the centre of this suite. Joining the band is Alda Rezende, a native of Belo Horizonte and one of the most captivating voices to come out of Brazil in recent years.

Bookings here through the Melbourne Recital Centre






Dec 17 - Trio Agogo at Paris Cat

Saturday December 17, 7pm - Trio Agogo at Paris Cat

Brazil on Fire is an exciting collaboration between two of Melbourne’s great exponents of Brazilian music.
 Trio Agogo have been performing since 2009 and features master percussionist Al Kerr and Guitarists Adam May and Paul Carey.  These players have featured in Doug de Vries’ legendary groups and have forged their own groups which have toured nationally and been invited to international festivals.  Ben Carr is well known in Australia as a saxophonist of great virtuosity and originality.  He leads his own trio and is a prolific composer.  This collaboration brings together the powerful swinging grooves of the rhythm section as the bed for Carr’s explosive improvisations.  The material is comprised of standard repertoire which has been reinterpreted within this group and original contemporary compositions inspired by Brazil and beyond.  Online bookings here.