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Upcoming Gigs
July 23 - Trio Agogo vs Ben Carr at Paris Cat Jazz Club
July 24 - Anita Levy/Tamandua
July 29 - Panorama Brasil

Upcoming Gigs

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July 23 - Trio Agogo vs Ben Carr at Paris Cat Jazz Club

Saturday July 23, 7pm - Trio Agogo at Paris Cat Jazz Club

Brazil on Fire is an exciting collaboration between two of Melbourne’s great exponents of Brazilian music.

Trio Agogo have been performing since 2009 and features master percussionist Al Kerr and guitarists Adam May and Paul Carey. These players have featured in Doug de Vries’ legendary groups and have forged their own groups which have toured nationally and been invited to international festivals.  Ben Carr is well known in Australia as a saxophonist of great virtuosity and originality. He leads his own trio and is a prolific composer.

This collaboration brings together the powerful swinging grooves of the rhythm section as the bed for Carr’s explosive improvisations.  The material is comprised of standard repertoire which has been reinterpreted within this group and original contemporary compositions inspired by Brazil and beyond.

Bookings recommended.

July 24 - Anita Levy/Tamandua

Sunday July 24, 7:30pm - Anita Levy and Tamandua at Open Studio

Anita Levy’s latest project ‘We’re Making Progress’ introduces Brazil with some fun fast rhythms, contrasting these with powerful songs reflecting Brazil’s great repression during the military dictatorship (1964-85). Anita has chosen songs from some of the greatest Brazilian composers that came from this era during the 1960s and 70’s. She performs songs of Chico Buarque, Milton Nascimento, João Bosco, Tom Jobim and others, threading them together for us to appreciate. Anita has studied the interpretations of many of these songs through the work of Elis Regina, who is referred to as Brazil’s greatest singer.

Anita's new group will be joined by choro group Tamandua for this Brazilian double-bill.  Choro has been dubbed the “New Orleans Jazz of Brazil” – it lies in the heart of Brazil’s musical culture. As the urban music of Brazil it is vibrant, highly virtuosic with European and African influences interwoven in a lively and fascinating musical genre.

Having all studied music in Brazil, the members of Tamandua are experts in the field. They bring a fresh, contemporary approach with a line-up of flute (Asha Henfry), 7 string guitar (Corey King), cavaquinho (Josh Bridges) and drum kit (Al Kerr) playing music from the complete gamut of choro; 19th century to world premieres. Fast, energetic and addictive. Tamandua play with a true Brazilian instinct. They just know how to swing it.

Open Studio, 204 High St, Northcote.

July 29 - Panorama Brasil

Friday July 29, 8:30pm - Panorama Brasil at Bennetts Lane Jazz Club

presented by the Melbourne Jazz Co-op

Panorama Brasil return to Bennetts Lane Jazz Club for the first time in 2016.  Presented by the Melbourne Jazz Co-op, this will be a special night of instrumental and improvised music, covering rhythms from across Brazil, but with a particular nod this time to Afro-Brazilian music.  The group is led by drummer Alastair Kerr, who has been studying the rhythms of the Afro-Brazilian religion Candomble, and for this show the band will be presenting brand new material inspired by that rich tradition.  With Asha Henfry (flute), Al Parsons (trombone), Matt Boden (piano) and Frank Di Sario (bass).

panorama do brasil-7-2